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Good Lux! Starting a business isn't hard at all!

So many people have been so kind in wishing us luck in our new venture, LUX Realty North Shore, and many of those have commented on how difficult it must be to start a new business. Whenever I've smiled at their question, they've looked at me with a puzzled expression, and I've answered simply...

Starting a business isn't hard at all! You start at the end. You start with what people will say about you when all is said and done. You start with a clear and concise vision of what the product or service will look like and how it will make people's lives better, or easier, and you pre-read their "future testimonials".

"LUX provided us with the information we needed to make an informed decision about (buying/selling) our (home, multi-unit/investment property/condominium). They prepared us to respond objectively rather than react emotionally to the (purchase/sale). They were an invaluable resource, and we can't wait to recommend their services to our friends, neighbors, and family."

And then you build it. There are four key tenets to starting a company: a clear, concise, shared vision; a sincere commitment to never compromise, or stray from, that vision; an intense curiosity and willingness to listen and learn, and most importantly, passion.

Yes, we're another real estate company in the midst of a sea of others, most of whom are larger and can make a lot more noise than we intend to. Our choice is to focus on being quiet so we can listen more closely, enter into Seller and Buyer Service Agreements rather than just "get listings", and commit to providing you, our Clients, with honest and timely leverage information. We would rather share with you what you need to know rather than tell you what you want to hear.

No, starting a business isn't so difficult if you believe, commit, and promise. What we believe in is Good LUX!

Linda O'Connor, Broker, LUX Realty North Shore

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