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The Price is Right!

Can we try it for awhile? The simple answer to starting at a price higher than what your Realtor® recommends is simple... NO and yet it happens all the time. Realtors® inherently have two fears: 1) Not "getting the listing"; and 2) "Alienating the Seller".

According to the National Association of Realtors® Profile of Sellers and Buyers, consumers rely on Realtors® for pricing and marketing more than any other services offered. And yet, according to that same profile, 36% of homes listed experience price adjustments in the first 4 weeks of marketing.

As Realtors®, you, the Seller invite us into your home to interview for the privilege of representing your interests in the Sale. You have come to us for our expertise in marketing and selling Real Estate. In doing so, you have asked that we demonstrate our knowledge of the market and thus provide you with a suggested listing price.

The final decision on pricing is always yours, the client. You have placed your trust and confidence in your Realtor® when you have selected them to represent you in the sale of your home. Since Sellers rely on Realtors® for pricing and marketing you are doing yourself and your home a disservice by not listening to your Realtor's® suggested listing price. You are potentially putting your home OUT of the market and losing valuable time that potential Buyers would look at your home. Do you want to be part of the 36% of homes that lose 4 weeks of marketing because of a too high of a beginning list price?

In conclusion, yes, we can "try it for awhile". But the real question is - how long can you carry your home if your price doesn't work? How much will you have lost in the process? And, will that really be in your best interest?"

Remember, price is only a strategy to achieve the real goal of selling your home. A SOLD sign is the key to success and the basis of confidence, and loyalty, built on trust.

Linda O'Connor, Broker, LUX Realty North Shore


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