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In, On, or Out!

In, On, or Out!

You’ve heard me talk about placing your home in the market, while other agents you meet may talk about getting your home on the market. To me, there’s a vast difference.

I like to use sports analogies a lot. This time, it’s football. The New England Patriots’ coach, Bill Belichick, is a genius. He prepares his players for all contingencies and ensures they have the skills and tools for success in every possible situation. Every player understands the fundamental key to success is execution.

The Patriots aren’t just on the field. They own the field. Their plan is to be in the red zone as often as possible, and, more importantly, IN the end zone. That’s where success lives.

Placing your home on the market means it’s one a many homes being currently marketed. I want to know how many of those homes may actually sell during the next thirty (30) days. That means, as a Realtor®, I need to know how to calculate and interpret current market absorption rates specific to community, style, and at certain price points. And I need to be able to translate that data into relevant information to you, the client. Ask your Realtor® about what’s going on in the market, about average days on the market, and about absorption rates (how long it will take to absorb all those homes currently on the market based on the past 12, 6, and 3 months activity). If they can’t answer you, your home may end up off the market, or out of it.

It may sound complicated. It’s not. It’s nice to see your home ON the market. It’s much better for you to place your home IN the market, poised for success. Otherwise, your home is out of the market, and that’s not the place where success lives.


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