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How to Get a Copy of your Deed

Getting a copy of your recorded deed is easier than you might think! And it’s FREE!  Unfortunately, too few people know that and, as a result, several scams have recently been reported in which consumers have received a mailing offering them a copy of their deed for $50, or some such ridiculous cost!

Getting a copy of your deed is as easy as going to your Registry of Deeds’ website, locating your deed after a few simple clicks, and printing it at home. All you need is a computer, internet access, and a printer, and if you don’t have those, the public library is a great resource!

If you live in one of the thirty (30) cities and towns on the North Shore of Massachusetts, simply go to Select the box outlined in blue – Homeowners Find Your Deed. This will bring you to a dialogue box where you select search for my deed, enter the year property purchased (the year you bought your home, or last refinanced), enter your first and last name, town, and click Search. Choose the type of document as DEED, click on the view image at the left, and voila! There’s your deed!

For those properties that have been through land court, deeds will be found under Registered Land. You can find this under the box outlined in red – Search Our Records on the home page. The search defaults to the tab Recorded Land. This is most likely where you’ll find your deed!

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