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Make your home a HYGGE Home

The Danish way of living…HYGGE (pronounced HOO-GA) is becoming popular in the USA. The key is to keep your home pure, simple and uncluttered to create a calm and peaceful living space that friends and family want to keep returning to.

If your home is for sale, here’s a list of HYGGE things to do before showing your home to potential buyers:

  • Declutter     
  • Choose white or light color shades to paint rooms
  • Fill your couches and beds with comfy blankets and pillows
  • Let as much natural light into your home as possible and turn all the lights on
  • Light candles and a fireplace if you have one
  • Create a spa style bathroom by adding music, candles and a big fluffy robe. Put some fluffy warm scatter rugs on the floor
  • Bring some outdoors inside with cut flowers or natural wood pieces
  • Showcase beautiful pieces of wood furniture
  • Bake an apple pie or some chocolate chip cookies to make your home smell inviting

Cozy, warm, inviting homes SELL. Make your home a HYGGE home!