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Making the Most of Staying at Home

We get it! It's been 26 days, (yes, t-w-e-n-t-y s-i-x days!) since Friday, March 13th, when most schools closed and turned to online learning. Balancing working from home with homeschooling and trying to keep the peace has been a challenge that most of us may feel like is a losing battle, but remember, you aren't alone! We are all trying to navigate these uncharted times and are learning to adapt to a life of safe social distancing. This time certainly provides us with the opportunity to work on our patience and compassion. Two of the most valuable life skills our world needs right now. While we are still in the grips of the COVID-19 pandemic and the weather is turning nicer, it's important to remain vigilant in our social distancing and flattening the curve. Below are some suggestions we have to help you make the most of this time at home while staying socially responsible. Be Safe, Be Healthy, Be Kind

  • CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN- this is a great time to go through room by room and clean from ceiling to floor and get those windows washed too!
  • Learn a new language- with the number of online platforms, there is no better time to learn a new language- Parlez-vous francais? Hablas español?
  • Dust off those classic board games and power off technology! Bring back some good old fashioned fun and let the laughs roar in your household.
  • Get those creative juices flowing- we all have those Pinterest ideas that we have pinned for a reason, there's no better time than NOW to try one of those projects! Whether it be on the crafty side or the baking side, make something today!
  • Clean up the yard and freshen up your curb appeal. Think about adding a new pop of color to your door or mailbox.
  • Grow a vegetable garden this year- Cucumbers are some of the less finicky of vegetables that many find success growing. 
  • While being socially responsible, take a walk in your neighborhood and clean up the litter you see. Imagine if we all spent 20 minutes a day picking up litter along our roadways...

We hope you stay safe and healthy during this time. And remember to be patient and compassionate, we are all in this together.