The Importance of a Final Walk-Through

  • Prior to closing, your LUX Real Estate Agent will schedule a final walk-through of your new home. A final walk-through is performed by the Buyer to ensure that the property is delivered in the condition as agreed upon. Generally the walk-through is scheduled for the day of your closing. The final walk-through is important for several reasons as outlined below:

    • That the property is delivered empty and clear of all of the previous owner’s belongings and debris.
    • Any appliances and/or items agreed upon in the Purchase & Sale Agreement still remain.
    • All repairs that were agreed upon have been completed. The Buyer should receive copies of all paid invoices of the work performed, and warranties, if applicable.
    • Appliances are in working condition including any miscellaneous items (if working previously) i.e., the doorbell, intercom and/or alarm.
    • That all major systems are operational i.e., HVAC system, hot water heater, central vacuum, and irrigation system, etc.
    • To confirm that all plants, shrubs, structures, or other items that were agreed upon to remain were not removed.
    • To ensure that no damage occurred to the home while the Seller was moving out.