Contemporary Style Homes

Contemporary style homes are not to be confused with Modern style homes, they are "the style of the moment." Ever-changing and grabbing influences from earlier styles, Contemporary architecture reflects what is popular "right now". The designs of these homes tend to be more freeform, innovative, forward-thinking and allows architects to blend the look of a Craftsman style home with the spaciousness and openness of a Modern style home. Newer constructed Contemporary homes tend to be built with sustainability in mind. Think eco-friendly, energy-efficient and repurposed materials. Key features include asymmetrical facade, open floor plans, large windows for plenty of natural light, typically 1-2 stories and lots of geometric shapes.  

"Contemporary" does not mean dated and Homebuyers should not assume a home described as Contemporary means this. In fact, many time Homebuyers say they want something modern when in actuality they are looking for a Contemporary (designed for right now) home with Modern influences. 

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