Beverly, MA Train Stops

Beverly, MA is a Commuter's dream location! With five commuter rail stops scattered throughout the City, there's a train stop no matter where you reside!  Whether heading into Boston or up to Newburyport or Rockport, relax and catch the train!

Beverly Depot- This is the main stop in Beverly and is the switching point for those heading on the Newburyport Rail Line or the Rockport Rail Line.   

Beverly Farms- The last stop in City of Beverly heading towards Rockport, this is a flag stop so make sure you wait on the raised platforms so the conductor can see you. 

Montserrat- Probably the second busiest train stop in Beverly, this is the second stop after the Beverly Depot on the Rockport line.

North Beverly- Convenient to those that live in North Beverly, this is the second and last stop in Beverly on the way up to Newburyport 

Prides Crossing- A flag stop, the Prides Crossing train station is probably the least busy of all the Beverly depots. Prides Crossing Confections has been a staple at this depot for over 20 years.