Anticipated Seller Costs

Below are some of the costs a Seller may incur during the process of Selling their Home. The Seller should plan on having additional funds available for these and possibly other costs that may arise prior to closing.

  1. Final Gas Bill
  2. Final Electrical Bill
  3. Final Water & Sewer Bill
  4. 6(d) Certificate (Condos)
  5. Real Estate Taxes
  6. Mortgage Payoffs
  7. Recording Fees
  8. Deed Preparation
  9. Tax Stamps
  10. Real Estate Commission Fee
  11. Attorney Fee
  12. Smoke Detectors/Carbon Monoxide Certificate
  13. Debris Removal
  14. Movers or a Moving Truck
  15. Maintenance the Buyer and you have agreed upon
  16. Title V Inspection