Determining the Price of Your Home

  • Pricing is the most important aspect of marketing your home to potential buyers. To help determine your home’s value in the marketplace, your LUX Realty North Shore REALTOR® will prepare a Comparative Market Analysis or CMA. A CMA is comprised of the following:

    • Comparable home sales in your area
    • Comparable homes that are under contract
    • Comparable homes that are currently on the market
    • Comparable homes that have expired, cancelled or been withdrawn from the marketplace

    In addition to comparable data, the below criteria are also considered in determining the price of your home:

    • Property Location
    • Condition of the Home
    • Age of the Property
    • Special property features

    In the end, the sale price is determined by the market and what a willing and able buyer will pay for your home.

    Your LUX Realtor® will provide you with a suggested price range based on the Comparative Market Analysis, ultimately the Seller is responsible for the final approval on home list price.

    We are committed to always advise you to the best of our ability to get your home sold quickly and for the most value.